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Relationships with Peers in Automotive Repair

Unlike relationships between superiors and subordinates – peer to peer relationships involve interacting with others while neither party has a position of authority. This can be somewhat challenging as all people are different. For example, sometimes a bit of personal interaction is desired and sometimes not. The keys are communication, mutual respect and cooperation. Accomplishment through working with others leads to business success.

  1. Coworkers – The most common occurrence of a peer relationship is that between coworkers that have equal rank within an organization. In reality some coworkers are ‘more equal than others‘ but nonetheless they occupy the same position on the organization chart. The challenge in peer to peer relationships is that objectives must be accomplished by working with others without the authority to direct or prioritize their activities. When people are unable to elicit cooperation from their coworkers the problem may be on either side or both but the end result is that productivity suffers. Relations with coworkers can be the most challenging but can also be the most rewarding. Cooperation and teamwork should be encouraged and rewarded as success is dependent on them.
  2. Business Owners – For the owner of an auto repair business – peer relationships are with other business owners. The most direct peer to peer relationship would be with other auto repair shop owners. These relationships can be established in a number of ways. People can meet at industry events such as trade shows or educational events. Sometimes shops in close proximity will sublet work to other shops. Then there are trade associations such as the Automotive Service Council that hold regular meetings. And twenty groups which are designed to share information and boost their members business success. The key point with auto repair shop owners is that peer relationships are for the most part engaged in voluntarily. Sharing will almost always benefit all parties involved.

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