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Building Relationships in Automotive Repair

Business success is built on relationships. And in business there are 3 basic types of relationships – those with superiors, those with peers and those with subordinates. People learn to work with superiors in order to be employed but pressure to establish positive relationships with peers and subordinates may not be as great. However these types of relationships can be extremely important to success.

To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness … Benjamin Franklin

  1. Relationships with Superiors – In business everyone has relationships with superiors in one form or another. In whatever context the relationship exists the success of the relationship falls primarily to the subordinate … Read More >>
  2. Peer Relationships – Unlike relationships between superiors and subordinates – peer to peer relationships involve interacting with others while neither party has a position of authority. This can be somewhat challenging as all people are different … Read More >>
  3. Relationships with Subordinates – Relationships with subordinates may be the least challenging of the business relationship types as the subordinate must please the person in a position of authority. However relationships with subordinates are an important key to success and efforts to foster positive relationships in this area will yield positive results … Read More >>

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