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The Major Factors of a Software System Implementation

When an auto repair business sets out to implement a new software system there are three major factors that influence the success of the endeavor – the people, the place and the system. Software systems are built to support business processes and business processes are conducted by people. Therefore the people are critical to the implementation process. The state of the business and the way transactions are processed is a key part of the migration process. And the path from the current situation to the new system is of the utmost importance:

  1. The People – The people involved in a software system implementation are a critical part of the process. They can be even more important than the system itself … Read More >>
  2. The Place – The state of a business and the way it processes transactions is an important factor in any system implementation. A software system must be a good fit for the way an automotive repair operation functions … Read More >>
  3. The System – The migration from one system or methodology to another is largely impacted by the situation the business is moving from and the situation it is moving to. Absorption of change will take place more readily when it’s minimized and controlled as much as possible … Read More >>

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