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Auto Repair Software System Implementation Impact

The migration from one system or methodology to another is largely impacted by the situation the business is moving from and the situation it is moving to. Absorption of change will take place more readily when it’s minimized and controlled as much as possible. Understanding the current situation and the path to the desired situation is the key to success. Following are primary points concerning the impact of a new software system on the implementation process:

  1. Current Situation – When implementing a new software system – the path to success is very much predicated on current circumstances. If the current system is manual – the path to automation may be more involved. If a current system is being replaced – a straight conversion will be more about processes being handled differently. If there are additional processes being automated that weren’t previously then more change must be accomplished.
  2. Change Scope – The level of change required in a system implementation will vary according to circumstances. It is important for all to understand the scope of change required before implementation begins. The better people understand the difference between the way things used to be done and the way they will be done – the smoother the implementation will be.
  3. Basics Implementation – The primary focus of a system implementation should be on replacing what currently is. If the initial change is limited to maintaining the current processes and procedures with as little change as possible the challenge of conversion will be minimized as much as possible.
  4. Process Modifications – When initially starting on a new system it’s advantageous to modify existing processes as little as possible. If new software can be started up with little or no changes to existing processes conversion will be much easier for the people involved. Once the initial change has been absorbed process changes can be made gradually.

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