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The Business Impact on an Auto Repair Shop System Implementation

The state of a business and the way it processes transactions is an important factor in any system implementation. A software system must be a good fit for the way an automotive repair operation functions. The age of a business, the way its processes are defined, its customer base and its suppliers are all critical parts of a system implementation:

  1. Maturity – The age of an auto repair business affects the impact and objectives of a system implementation. An auto repair shop that has been in business for several years will have established relationships with customers and suppliers as well as stable business processes. A business like this will tend to seek a system that will closely match their environment. A new business will be formulating relationships and processes and more apt to adapt to system methodologies.
  2. Processes and Procedures – Software systems are built to support business processes. An auto repair shop will develop defined processes and procedures for handling business transactions. The most critical part of a system implementation involves mapping support systems (software) to business processes. Some give and take may be involved in both areas in order to achieve the best results.
  3. Customer Base – Over time customers tend to develop expectations concerning the service they will receive from an auto repair shop. Often an objective in implementing a new system involves improvements in customer service. It is critical that customers don’t experience diminished service in areas they consider important.
  4. Suppliers – Automotive repair shops are dependent on suppliers to complete the repair process in a timely and profitable fashion. In terms of transaction volume this is probably the area in which there is more activity than any other. A software system should support these processes as well as streamline them and make them more efficient.

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