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Using the PEST Analysis in Automotive Repair

PEST is an acronym that stands for Political, Environmental, Social and Technological. A PEST analysis is a method used to analyze these factors and how they impact the environment in which a business operates. Taking the time to perform this analysis will provide a perspective that allows an auto repair business to be more successful. The analysis is intended to focus on the current situation in these key areas as well as identifying trends that will impact the business in the future.

  1. Political Events – Political events can affect businesses at many levels. Elections, regulations and legislation can all impact business … Read More >>
  2. Economic Factors – Economic conditions are an important point to consider when evaluating the impact of the overall business climate. The economic indicators reported in the news are usually for the whole country and may not be a good measure of the environment an auto repair business is operating in … Read More >>
  3. Social Factors – Societal influences are an important part of the environment in which a business operates. Populations may grow slowly or quickly depending on the geographic location … Read More >>
  4. Technological Advances – Technological advances in the auto repair business continue as competition necessitates improvements in many areas. As technology advances shops must continue to adapt and advance with it … Read More >>

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