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Technological Advances and Their Impact on Auto Repair

Technological advances in the auto repair business continue as competition necessitates improvements in many areas. As technology advances shops must continue to adapt and advance with it. This presents a number of challenges but also provides many opportunities. The important thing is to recognize technological advances and continue to move forward.

  1. Advances in Auto Components – Over the years improvements are made in the way automotive parts are manufactured thus they last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often. Likewise advances in fluids for automobiles have resulted in fluids not needing to be changed as often and related parts lasting longer. The result of these advances is that visits by customers will not be as frequent. Auto repair shops must adapt by expanding their customer base or targeting markets with higher vehicle usage.
  2. Computerization – Automobiles are becoming more and more computerized. It’s become a regular part of automotive repair to apply software upgrades to a vehicle’s computer systems when serviced. Sometimes the equipment this is done with is proprietary requiring an investment by the shop if that type of vehicle is to be serviced. Additionally technicians must be able to operate this specialized equipment. As the level of computerization increases – auto repair shops will continue to adapt accordingly.
  3. Diagnostics – Performing diagnostics on vehicles has continued to advance becoming more precise and more efficient. Diagnostics are more reliant on software and less on hardware. These advances require investment by automotive repair shops but also provide improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. Software Systems – Shop Management Systems continue to advance providing more and more capabilities for the auto repair shop. The Internet has allowed automation of labor and repair guide utilization, parts sourcing and procurement and a host of other activities that are part of the auto repair environment. As systems advance shops can take advantage of these new capabilities to reduce operating costs and increase profits.

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