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6 Ways to Grow the Auto Repair Recommendation Capture Rate

Measuring the percentage of recommendations that become sold services is an important measure of sales success. The sales of recommended services that are generated as a result of inspections or diagnoses can be a significant portion of overall revenue. Thus a small increase in the recommendation capture rate can equate to an impactful sales increase.  Upselling is largely predicated on presentation. Communicating the benefits of having services performed and simplifying the decision process will positively impact recommendation sales. Likewise, employing graphics and colors will result in increased recommendation capture rates

  1. Communicate Benefits – People don’t purchase goods and services. They purchase the benefits they derive from them. Stating the benefits provided by recommended services helps the customer understand what they’re buying.
  2. Simplify the Decision – Use a good-better-best presentation. Presenting the repairs in groups as: 1) Related (what the customer brought their car in for) ; 2) Immediate (services that should be done right away); 3) Maintenance (service interval maintenance) will be easy for the customer to understand and will draw a link between services and benefits. Providing subtotals and cumulative totals at each level communicate anticipated benefits and cost in an easy to understand fashion.
  3. Use Graphics and Colors – Provide pictures of parts where appropriate. If a part is damaged or worn it will be easier for the customer to understand why it needs to be replaced. Coloring the different levels of the presentation will make viewing easier for the customer.
  4. Schedule an Appointment for Declined Services – If the customer declines services – schedule an appointment for them if possible. This secures a commitment from the customer that they’ll return.
  5. Follow Up – If the customer declines services – a follow up should take place. If the declined services fall into the related or immediate categories then follow up should occur relatively soon.
  6. Analyze Business Lost – If a follow up results in recognition of business lost the reason should be recorded and analysis should be done to identify opportunities for improvement

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