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FastTrak Resource Planning is Now Available




The FastTrak Resource Planning Feature supports easy recognition of resource availability when scheduling. Target capacities can be set and monitored to ensure shop is loaded to proper level. Reliable vehicle drop off and promised delivery dates are calculated by FastTrak increasing credibility and customer confidence.



  • Schedule periods of unavailability for resources including: the shop; employees; bays; equipment; service types; and transportation types.
  • Unavailability can be scheduled by day of week, date range, and time range.
  • Appointment scheduling considers resource unavailability and will disallow scheduling an appointment if there’s a direct conflict.
  • Scheduling parameters include target capacities for flag hours and car count per day. Percent of target capacities loaded can be monitored and warnings are displayed if target capacities are exceeded.
  • Scheduling parameters include estimated hours for support tasks (not actual repair times) for use by the system when calculating estimated vehicle drop off, technician start, technician completion and vehicle delivery dates and times
  • Appointment scheduling presents technician availability including estimated start and completion dates. Technician can be selected based on availability and best match to work required
  • Management screens allow resource conflict resolution and adjustments to repairs that are behind schedule.

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