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Fueling Continuous Growth in Automotive Repair

Continuous improvement fosters continuous growth. Therefore continuously assessing strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your competition will support success. This requires monitoring competitors, the marketplace and your own strengths and weaknesses. All factors will change over time thus areas of focus must change as well. Following are points on continuous improvement in automotive repair:

  1. Monitor the Competition – Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors is an ongoing requirement. Strengths and weaknesses will change over time. What customers consider valuable will change over time. Reviewing online reviews and asking prospects and customers will provide intelligence on what’s happening in the marketplace. Inquiries made to customers should be as indirect as possible. If business is lost – asking why a competitor was chosen over you is perfectly OK but when asking why you were chosen it’s better to ask only who else was considered and not take it any further as the customer may find this uncomfortable.
  2. Reassess Your Strengths and Weaknesses – Your own strengths and weaknesses will change over time. If your efforts are successful strengths will become stronger and weaknesses will improve. It’s also important to stay in tune with the marketplace as what customers consider valuable will change over time.
  3. Update Your Plan and Execute – Competitors strengths and weaknesses, the marketplace, your strengths and weaknesses and customer perceived value will constantly be evolving. As circumstances change marketing and sales focus must change as well. This doesn’t mean these activities should be done hourly or even daily. It depends on the circumstances but in most situations monthly or quarterly assessments and updates will suffice

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