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Employee Management in a Small Business Environment

Many small business owners started as a successful professional in their line of work with enough initiative and the communication skills to become a business owner. And with a business comes employees. The skills needed to manage and get the most out of employees aren’t just instilled in a person’s makeup. They must be grown and cultivated over time. Most people start out wanting to manage employees the way they would want to be managed. But they find out quickly that every employee has their own perspective about this. This writer has seen countless instances of Auto Repair shop owners that have been extremely successful because they recognize the value of their employees beyond the work they put in and allow them to contribute to the maximum. Evolving from a successful professional to a business owner is an opportunity that is not without challenges. Following are points on management in small business:

This is the only country in the world where today’s employee is tomorrow’s employer … Marco Rubio

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