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4 Keys to Branding in the Automotive Repair Industry

Branding is defined as creating the desired impression of a business or product in the customers mind. More specifically the objective of branding is to achieve a condition that when the customer thinks of the benefits provided by the service they think of the business or product. When successful – branding results in the business or product becoming synonymous with the benefit sought by the customer. Well known examples of successful branding are Kleenex. When someone wanted a tissue they would say ‘Please hand me a Kleenex’. Or Xerox – people would say ‘Please Xerox me a copy of this document’. Successful branding in automotive repair would result in the situation that when a customer thinks of automotive repair they think of the business that provides it. Following are 4 areas to consider when developing a branding strategy:

  1. Develop a Company Name Conducive to Branding – Branding refers to eliciting an idea or response in the mind of the customer when encountering a business, product or person. With the advent of the Internet and social media people search for and recognize products and services differently than they did 15-20 years ago … Read More >>
  2. Build a Logo That Elicits the Desired Reaction – The business logo can be the most impactful component in a branding effort. It’s generally the most recognizable image and impression in a customer’s mind. Whatever the logo instills in a person’s mind is what they’ll think of when remembering the company … Read More >>
  3. Create a Slogan that Supports the Company Name and Logo – A slogan is generally defined as a short or memorable phrase associated with an organization or movement. In business it’s used in conjunction with a logo to elicit a response in the customer’s mind … Read More  >>
  4. Build Your Personal Brand – Personal branding is similar to product branding in that the objective is to elicit a response in the customers mind when they think of you or hear your name. For example a customer or prospective customer may think ‘Automotive Expert’ when they hear or see your name … Read More >>

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