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3 Keys to Branding and the Automotive Repair Company Slogan

A slogan is generally defined as a short or memorable phrase associated with an organization or movement. In business it’s used in conjunction with a logo to elicit a response in the customer’s mind. In the context of branding the slogan is ultra- important. The slogan should communicate the image and emotions targeted in the overall branding campaign. In conjunction with the company name and logo this phrase should attract customers based on the benefits the target market considers most important. Following are points on crafting company slogans.

  1. Coordinate the Slogan with the Logo – The slogan provides support for the logo and serves to reinforce its message. If the logo is designed to elicit feelings of safety then the slogan should invoke the same. If the logo is designed to stimulate excitement then the slogan should be serve to excite. A well formulated slogan used in conjunction with a well-designed company logo can reinforce the branding impact on the customer.
  2. Keep it Simple – A slogan should be only one sentence and should be able to be understood quickly. Small words should be used and big words should be avoided unless they make the overall slogan shorter
  3. Avoid Overstating the Product Benefits– The slogan should communicate the benefits you deliver without exaggerating them. Phrases like ‘the best’ or ‘the greatest’ should be avoided. Simply focus on the benefits and the slogan will be effective.

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