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4 Keys to Automotive Repair Sales Presentation

In the context of the Sales Process presentation is focused on prospective new customers. However auto repair requirements presentation can be very similar for both new and existing customers. Service advisors are very skilled at this part of the process. It’s at times necessary to communicate the need for unexpected repairs thus greater expense than anticipated. If a consultative approach is taken and the presentation is simple, complete, accurate and flexible the customer will be more receptive to recommended repairs:

  1. Simplicity – Automotive repair can be somewhat complex and is not something the common vehicle owner really understands. So giving the customer too much information when presenting needed repairs can be a negative. The old sales expression ‘Confuse them you lose them’ applies for most customers.
  2. Completeness – Everything that’s required should be included when presenting repair requirements to a prospective customer. If something is missed there could be a relationship problem at the point of presentation or even worse after repair work is performed.
  3. Accuracy – Pricing accuracy is extremely important when making a sales presentation to a prospective new customer. Labor times/rates and part prices should be as precise as possible.
  4. Flexibility – If there are multiple repairs required – prioritizing them will allow the customer to have the most important repairs done immediately and possibly defer some of them if necessary. Also offering different alternatives for certain repairs (different prices and value) will provide options for the customer. People love to shop and they hate to be sold to.

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