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The 3 Point Automotive Repair Marketing Cycle

The marketing cycle can be looked at in a number of ways from a simple view of three phases to twelve or more. Following is a three phase cycle that starts with attracting business, followed by establishing relationships then retaining customers through long term relationship building. At any given time all three phases of the cycle are active and different customers are experiencing different phases. So all phases must be focused on and each prospect or customer must be dealt with accordingly. If all phase components are effectively managed success will be achieved:

  1. Market for Business Success – Success in marketing comes through thoughtful application of tried and proven marketing principles. With the advent of the Internet and social media the means by which marketing messages are delivered have changed but the underlying fundamentals of marketing still apply … Read More >>
  2. Provide Value and Build Relationships – Relationships based on value are paramount to success in the automotive repair business. The impact of customer retention is never more recognized than auto repair. Employing a business model that provides value as identified by the target market is the basis for success in relationship formulation … Read More >>
  3. Earn and Retain Business – In automotive repair the customer perspective drives success. The customer seeks certain benefits through engaging an automotive service provider and if the marketing and sales strategies employed are effective the right target market will be reached and business will be earned … Read More >>

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