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3 Keys to Providing Value and Building Relationships in Automotive Repair

Relationships based on value are paramount to success in the automotive repair business. The impact of customer retention is never more recognized than auto repair. Employing a business model that provides value as identified by the target market is the basis for success in relationship formulation. Aligning the sales process with the consumer decision process will allow connection with the customer. And developing a sales strategy that communicates the relationship between the benefits of service offerings and perceived value by the customer will bring success

  1. Employ the Right Business Model – A business model defines the methods by which a company creates, delivers and captures value. The key point in this methodology is the emphasis on value … Read More >>
  2. Align Sales with the Buying Decision Process – When consumers purchase goods and services they generally go through five phases referred to as the Buying Decision Process. Understanding these phases can help to formulate marketing and service solutions that will win and retain customers … Read More >>
  3. Employ the Best Sales Strategy – A sales strategy is a plan that positions a company’s service offering in such a way that a competitive advantage is gained. A successful strategy will provide methods that allow sales personnel to communicate with customers in such a way that the relationship between desired benefits and service offerings is highlighted … Read More >>

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