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The Automotive Repair Work Scheduling Process

The work scheduling process in automotive repair is generally undertaken in a phased manner. The first phase involves loading the shop to the desired capacity ensuring that sales goals will be met and the most will be made of available resources. The second phase involves actual assignment of work to specific resources including people and dedicated resources such as bays and equipment. The third phase involves scheduling at a detail level so that specific tasks are planned to be performed at specific times. And the last phase involves making adjustment s to the schedule:

  1. Capacity Scheduling – Capacity scheduling is the first and highest level of scheduling in automotive repair. This refers to scheduling appointments so that enough work is loaded into the shop schedule to meet sales goals and make the most of resources without exceeding the capacity of the shop …Read More>>
  2. High Level Scheduling – High level scheduling in automotive repair involves loading the shop to the desired capacity without actually assigning specific resources to work…Read More>>
  3. Detail Scheduling – When repair orders have been scheduled for start and completion dates/times the next step may be to fine tune actual assignments and resource utilization. This may go as far as scheduling the sequence in which tasks are performed on each vehicle…Read More>>
  4. Scheduling Adjustments – A well planned work schedule will support maximum utilization of resources and ensure on time delivery to the customer. However things don’t always go as planned…Read More>>

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