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Detail Scheduling in Automotive Repair

When repair orders have been scheduled for start and completion dates/times the next step may be to fine tune actual assignments and resource utilization. This may go as far as scheduling the sequence in which tasks are performed on each vehicle. The objective is to smooth the schedule and level load work for each affected resource. Also a very important part of detail scheduling is to ensure that parts will be available when needed. Following are areas impacted by detail work scheduling:

  1. Technician Assignments – The objective of assigning individual tasks to technicians is to level the workload while maximizing labor utilization. Distributing the work evenly will result in the greatest degree of utilization. Also, productivity impact should be considered as breaking the work into smaller and smaller assignments will have an impact on efficiency.
  2. Service Advisor Requirements – The many functions that the service advisor performs place demands on available time. Requirements may vary from repair order to repair order due to differences in defined requirements or recommendations that result from diagnoses and inspections. In a shop with more than one person performing service advisor functions attention should be given to level loading requirements. If a service advisor is overloaded overall work flow and technician productivity will be impacted.
  3. Dedicated Resource Allocation – Scheduling time for a dedicated bay or piece of equipment can impact throughput in either a positive or negative way. If there is overlap in the scheduled time that a dedicated resource is to be used for more than one vehicle then a conflict results and progress is impeded.
  4. Parts Planning – Prior to detail scheduling it is generally assumed that all parts will be available when needed. At the detail level parts are sourced and procured so that they’re available when needed. This will ensure that work can begin when scheduled.

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