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The 3 Primary Components of Scheduling In Automotive Repair

There are three components that should be considered when setting a work schedule or when making adjustments to it. The first component is resources which refers largely to personnel but can also refer to assets such as bays and equipment. When planning or adjusting a schedule this is generally the first consideration. Reassigning work can be the best way to meet a scheduled delivery date. The second component in scheduling is deliverables. These are the services that will be provided. When building the initial schedule there can be unknowns in this area that may cause adjustments to be needed. If resources are not able to be directed to remedy an overflow then deliverables may need to be scaled back and recommended for a later date. And finally the third component is time. This refers to scheduled completion dates/times in the repair process – the most important being the promised vehicle delivery date/time. Moving this date/time should be the last component to be adjusted due to the effect on the overall schedule as well as customer relationships.

  1. Resources – Automotive repair resources are one of the primary components in planning and scheduling. Effective use of available resources will positively impact profits and customer service … Read More >>
  2. Deliverables – Deliverables in automotive repair are one of the variables that have a significant impact on scheduling and customer service. The services that are provided can vary considerably from one situation to the next and being able to adapt is imperative … Read More >>
  3. Time – Milestones or the planned dates/times that specific activities in the automotive repair process are to be completed are a critical part of planning and scheduling. Ultimately the most important date/time is the promised delivery of the vehicle to the customer … Read More >>

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