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Automotive Repair Deliverables and Scheduling Considerations

Deliverables in automotive repair are one of the variables that have a significant impact on scheduling and customer service. The services that are provided can vary considerably from one situation to the next and being able to adapt is imperative. Effective scheduling requires allowing for the unknown. Scheduling adjustments may require modifying the deliverables required. If a firm scheduled delivery cannot be achieved due to the time required for unanticipated services then one possible solution is to reduce the deliverables by making them recommendations for a future visit. This idea runs counter to generally accepted objectives in automotive repair. That is when a vehicle is in for service the shop should maximize sales to the greatest extent possible. However, the customer may absolutely require the expected delivery date/time or increasing the deliverables on a single vehicle may impact customer service for other vehicles. Following are areas of deliverables that can bring about scheduling challenges:

  1. Requested Repairs – When a customer brings their vehicle in for service there may be specific repairs that they request. These generally don’t present much of a scheduling challenge as the time required for them can be estimated reliably. However there may be related repairs that are required and this can cause the time required to increase.
  2. Inspections and Diagnoses – If a shop performs certain inspections on vehicles – the time required for the inspection process may be estimated reasonably well. Diagnoses can be a bit more difficult. Dealing with extended time required for a diagnosis can affect scheduling and customer relations.
  3. Recommended Repairs – Services that are recommended based on the results of inspections and diagnoses are very difficult to anticipate. Sometimes experience will give an indication of what to expect but this area can significantly affect work flow, profit margins and customer service. Recommendations can be the greatest source of scheduling challenges.
  4. Quality Control – Quality control requirements can vary from vehicle to vehicle however they must be considered as a component when setting promised delivery times. Quality control should not in itself be dropped as a deliverable. But postponing the service that requires quality control will eliminate this need from the schedule.
  5. Post Repair – Services performed after repair such as a car wash take time and resources and can impact delivery times. If unaccounted for they can impact customer service.

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