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Automotive Repair Resource Interdependencies

There are many interdependencies in an automotive repair operation. Interdependencies can be sources of synergy or conflict depending on a number of factors. From a management perspective when people are aware that others depend on them and they’re sometimes the same people they depend on teamwork and growth in productivity can become more easily achievable. Also, understanding interdependencies can support improved resource utilization and minimization of conflict. Following are areas of interdependency in automotive repair:

  1. Technician Interdependencies – An automotive repair technician relies on a number of factors to be productive and make the most of available hours. At the same time many of the activities supporting those factors are dependent on the technician in order to be effective…Read More >>
  2. Service Advisor Interdependencies – In automotive repair the service advisor has many interdependent relationships. The shop requires sales volume and profit margins and pricing can affect the service advisors ability to achieve goals in these areas…Read More >>
  3. Parts Management Interdependencies – Parts management is a critical component in the automotive repair process. The majority of vehicle repairs require parts meaning that the repair shop is dependent on effective parts management…Read More >>
  4. Support Function Impact – There are many activities that impact the effectiveness of the repair process in an automotive repair operation but are not part of the primary process itself…Read More >>

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