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Automotive Repair Technician Work Schedule Interdependencies

An automotive repair technician relies on a number of factors to be productive and make the most of available hours. At the same time many of the activities supporting those factors are dependent on the technician in order to be effective. There are many areas in which this interdependent relationship exists including but not limited to work scheduling, assignment adjustments, bays and equipment, parts and sales of recommended services. In short there are many inter-relationships in an automotive environment and optimum performance is achieved by recognizing and working within them. Following are interdependencies affecting technician performance:

  1. Scheduled work – The technician is dependent on assigned work and the work schedule is dependent on the technician meeting the requirements of the plan. This interdependency if managed well on both sides can contribute significantly to excellent customer service
  2. Access to work assignments – The technician needs real time access to work schedule information and effective scheduling relies on visibility to the technician. Initial scheduling will often require adjustments and making changes requires visibility of the technician’s situation.
  3. Bays and equipment – A technician may be assigned work which requires a dedicated bay or specialized equipment. On the other hand the bay or equipment depends on work being assigned to achieve a reasonable return on investment for the shop. Effective scheduling requires that conflicts between technicians needing use of these bays or equipment be avoided.
  4. Parts – Technicians depend on the correct parts being available when needed for repairs. Also the person who sources and procures parts relies on an accurate definition of parts required.
  5. Sales of recommended services – Technicians depend on effective sales of recommended repairs for much of their work. Service advisors rely on accurate and timely definitions of recommended services in order to price services and obtain approval from customers.

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