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5 Keys to Auto Repair Shop Resource Utilization



Making the most of available resources in an auto repair business can have a major impact on sales and profitability. The objective of an auto shop is to service vehicles and thus much focus is directed to effective utilization of technician labor hours. However, focusing on efficiencies in the people and processes that support the repair process will have a strong impact on utilization of available technician labor hours. In fact making the most of all resources will result in the best possible use of technician time. Following are keys to auto shop resource utilization:


  1. Technicians – Technician time utilization is the focal point of maximizing resource utilization in an auto repair business. An auto repair shop earns money by performing vehicle repairs … Read More >>
  2. Service Advisors – The service advisor is an integral link in the repair process chain. A technician is supported in the repair process by many supporting processes. A service advisor supports the repair process of many technicians … Read More >>
  3. Bays and Equipment – A dedicated bay and/or equipment in an auto repair shop can present significant challenges. The objective is to realize the maximum return on investment but if care is not taken the resource can be overbooked or double booked and conflicts can result … Read More >>
  4. Support Personnel – Often when considering resource utilization focus is drawn to technician efficiencies. Performing automotive repairs is the primary purpose of any auto repair shop. However, the people that support the repair process and the processes by which their work is performed can have a significant impact on the effective use of technician time … Read More >>
  5. Suppliers – Parts suppliers are an integral part of the overall repair process. Improving efficiencies for the supplier will result in greater efficiencies for the shop and could result in lower purchase costs … Read More >>

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