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3 Ways to Optimize Supplier Resources in Automotive Repair

Parts suppliers are an integral part of the overall repair process. Improving efficiencies for the supplier will result in greater efficiencies for the shop and could result in lower purchase costs. Making things easier for the supplier is a win-win. Both companies benefit. Following are ways to optimize supplier resources:

  1. Minimize the Number of Orders Placed – When parts are ordered each time they’re needed the result is that the supplier has multiple orders to process on their end. Also, the shop will have multiple orders/invoices to process. So ordering according to the supplier delivery schedule will result in greater efficiencies for both the supplier and the shop.
  2. Expedite the Tire or Part Delivery Process – Making the delivery process as simple and quick as possible for the supplier will benefit both the vendor and the shop. Costs will be reduced for both parties.
  3. Exchange Volume for Price – Negotiating lower prices in exchange for higher volume is  beneficial to both parties. The supplier is assured of a volume of business and the shop benefits from lower part costs.

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