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Using Statistics in Automotive Repair

Statistical data is utilized throughout the automotive repair business. Statistics involve measuring and counting. The air pressure in tires, the depth of tire tread and the thickness of brake pads are examples of measurements taken frequently in automotive repair. Each individual measurement would be referred to as a statistic. If grouped into classes and summarized they would be called statistics. And once developed into an effective representation of the measurement being analyzed – inferences can be drawn and management decisions can be made. Following are key components of statistical analysis:

  1. Variables Used in Statistics – Different types of information can be used in statistical analysis. Understanding the type of variable being analyzed can make it easier to determine how to measure it and utilize the results … Read More >>
  2. Gathering and Organizing Statistical Data – Gathering statistical data is performed in order to facilitate management decision making. Once data is collected it must be organized and presented in a meaningful and useful fashion… Read More >>
  3. Frequency Distributions – The frequency distribution is the most common method of presenting statistical data. We’ve all seen these types of charts. They present people in groups by age, income level or educational level for example… Read More >>
  4. Using the Statistical Data – The ways that statistical data can be used in an automotive repair environment are countless. There are so many activities that can be measured and improved that it would be impractical to attempt to list them all… Read More >>

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