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FastTrak Mobile Shop Manager – Release 2 is Now Available

FTMSMTradeMarkRelease 2 of FastTrak Mobile Shop Manager contains many improvements to support efficiency and ease of use. New features have been added to support shop management and increased productivity. And integration with FastTrak has been enhanced providing greater workflow visibility including tasks performed on the mobile application. Digital approval of invoices has been added allowing paperless approval of customer documents at the beginning and end of the repair process. The quality control feature has been added allowing integrated QC check of tasks. This will support the RO process and paperless processing as well as allowing for analysis of QC failure rates. Inventory processing has been enhanced to support use of a Bluetooth barcode scanner. And Inspection results have been expanded to include prioritization and color coding for enhanced presentation to the customer. Enhancements to FastTrak Mobile Shop Manager include:

  • Navigation – Easier to get to desired point in application
  • Integration – FastTrak repair order statuses are tied to mobile app. Inspection Needed, Started and Complete are displayed on RO status grid. Likewise QC Needed and QC Failed are displayed.
  • Inspection – Detail entry screen displayed for notes, pictures or recommended repairs if specified in inspection response setup
  • Inspection Results Screen – The results/review screen has been expanded to allow for color coded prioritization of recommended services, inclusion of recommendations resulting from diagnoses, and a color coded formatted email supporting good-better-best presentation to the customer.
  • Canned Job Lookup – Alpha lookup feature added
  • Customer Approval – Invoice approval added. Now digital signature approval can be performed for estimate and invoice.
  • Quality Control – Quality control check can be performed on tasks using mobile app. If a task fails – repair order status displays ‘QC Failed’ in red on RO status grid. Also warning notification is displayed for technician on QC failure.
  • Text Messaging – Text message can be sent from smart phone using cell phone number from FastTrak.
  • Inventory – Barcode scanning ability added for inventory count and part issue to repair order using blue tooth barcode scanner.



The Bluetooth barcode scanning capability in FastTrak Mobile Shop Manager supports increased productivity when counting inventory or issuing parts to repair orders. Locations and parts can be barcoded and the Bluetooth scanner can be used to speed up inventory processing tasks as well as improve accuracy.


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