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5 Keys to Sales Strategies in Automotive Repair

A sales strategy is a plan that positions a company’s service offering in such a way that a competitive advantage is gained. A successful strategy will provide methods that allow sales personnel to communicate with customers in such a way that the relationship between desired benefits and service offerings is highlighted. The selling interaction is a process that when clearly defined can result in a higher sales capture rate. A sales strategy should always be tailored to a company’s environment and offerings but for the most part any sales situation will or should include relationship building, delivering your value message, creating an environment in which the customer will buy, managing customer expectations and following up. All are important components of a successful sales strategy:

  1. Establish and Enforce the Relationship – When a person decides to do business with a service provider their first decision will be on the person they’ll be interacting with the most. They ask the question – “Do I want to do business with this person?” Second, they ask “Do I want to do business with this company?” Then they ask “Do I want the service this person is … Read More >>
  2. Deliver Your Value Message – An effective business model and corresponding marketing strategy employ communication of the Unique Value Proposition. The unique value proposition is what sets you apart from the competition… Read More >>
  3. Create an Environment Conducive to Buying – People love to shop and they hate to be sold to. Rather than focusing on winning the sale – if attention is paid to helping the customer make a purchase the sale will come but more importantly a relationship will be built or solidified… Read More >>
  4. Manage Customer Expectations – One of the biggest possible deterrents to positive relationship building is falling short on customer expectations. Customers will have expectations and sometimes they are totally unrelated to any information they’ve been given… Read More >>
  5. Follow up – A simple follow up after a sale can yield significant results. After a person makes a purchase they often have feelings of buyer’s remorse… Read More >>

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