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4 Benefits of Customer Follow Up in Auto Repair

A simple follow up after a sale can yield significant results. After a person makes a purchase they often have feelings of buyer’s remorse. A follow up can do a lot to overcome this perception. Also, the relationship with the customer can be strengthened as they’ll appreciate the concern that they are happy with the service they received. When some time has passed since their vehicle was serviced they may be in a better state of mind to offer some feedback on their experience. And the follow up is an opportunity to confirm future business. Here are some benefits of customer follow up:

  1. Mitigation of Cognitive Dissonance – Cognitive dissonance is the final stage of the purchase decision process often referred to as ‘buyer’s remorse’. People tend to question purchase decisions after the fact and wonder if they made the right choice. A simple follow up will go a long way toward reassuring them that they made the correct decision.
  2. Relationship Cultivation – Contacting a customer after their vehicle has been serviced shows interest on the part of the sales person. Reinforcing personal and business relationships can have a significant impact on customer retention.
  3. Valuable Feedback – Whether positive or negative – feedback is valuable. Positive feedback tells us what we’re doing right. Negative feedback provides us with opportunities to improve. Either way feedback is valuable.
  4. Confirm Future Business – Following up provides an opportunity to ask for future business. If there are recommended services that are due in the future or scheduled appointments the follow up call is a good time to mention them to the customer. Care must be taken not to give the impression that this was the purpose of the call as that will negate any relationship building that was gained.

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