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3 Points on Employing a Value Message in the Auto Repair Sales Process

ValuePropositionAn effective business model and corresponding marketing strategy employ communication of the Unique Value Proposition. The unique value proposition is what sets you apart from the competition. Furthermore it’s the statement of a link between benefits sought by the customer and service provided. The focus of a unique value proposition can be any part of the customer service experience. It’s not limited to only the repair work provided. In fact this is probably the least likely area to provide the opportunity for differentiation. The greatest possibilities for differentiation are in the sales relationship and the company. The key point is to incorporate the value message whenever possible and the interaction during the sales process is the most likely source of opportunity. Following are 3 points to consider on incorporating the value message into the sales process:


  1. Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition – The unique value proposition is a statement of the means by which value will be provided to a specific target audience. A successful sales interaction includes enforcement of the value provided to the customer. An auto repair shop may serve more than one target market and it’s important to allow for flexibility in delivering the value message.
  2. Position and Differentiate Your Offering – The objective of differentiation is to highlight those attributes that set you apart from the competition. It’s always best to communicate this without actually making a direct comparison. Whether it be the sales person, the company or the product it’s always advantageous to promote the value offering whenever possible.
  3. Align the Solution with the Desired Benefit – When a vehicle owner engages an auto repair service provider their interest is not in having their car serviced – it’s in the benefits they will recognize through having their vehicle maintained. During the sales process the sales person must determine what those benefits are. The person may be interested in safety, performance, image, etc. Drawing a relationship between the desired benefits and solution offered solidifies the relationship with the customer and conveys understanding of their concerns.


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