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3 Keys to Creating an Environment Conducive to Buying in Automotive Repair

People love to shop and they hate to be sold to. Rather than focusing on winning the sale – if attention is paid to helping the customer make a purchase the sale will come but more importantly a relationship will be built or solidified. Automotive repair sales people are used to offering solutions to customers as this is a natural process that takes place in the course of recommending services that were identified as a result of inspections or diagnoses. Refining the presentation process will result in a higher close rate. Following are keys to creating an environment conducive to buying:

  1. Use a Consultative Approach – Listening to people and understanding their concerns will establish the foundation of a solid relationship. Talking to people and convincing them to buy will usually have the opposite effect. Consultative selling involves defining the customer’s needs and offering solutions.
  2. Offer Alternatives – If possible it’s advantageous to offer more than one option for addressing a customer need. In this mode, the person is being provided with information that supports their ability to make a decision. Often a good-better-best approach is used in presenting options.
  3. Assist in the Decision Process – When a person makes a decision on having their vehicle serviced they may have questions or need help in evaluating alternatives. Offering advice and explaining the ramifications of different options will guide the customer toward the right solution for their situation.

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