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Automotive Service Quality and the Teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Dr. W. Edwards Deming is recognized as one of the foremost experts on quality in the history of the United States. He teaches us that superior quality is contingent on clearly defined business processes and that elimination of waste through efficiency improvements are the key to excellent customer service. When many people in the auto repair business hear the term ‘quality’ they equate it’s meaning to good workmanship and reliable parts. However, Dr. Deming teaches us that excellence in customer service is predicated on superior quality in all aspects of an organization. Every process that’s followed within a company affects quality of service to the customer. So all business processes should be analyzed and continuously improved to lower costs and deliver better and better service. Following are four areas in which Dr. Deming’s teachings can be applied:

  1. Business Strategy – Dr. Deming’s position is that quality is all encompassing and all aspects of business activity affect quality and therefore customer service. He teaches us that in developing strategic business objectives innovation and creativity should be employed in developing new and better methods of service delivery … Read More >>
  2. Management – Dr. Deming teaches us that the majority of quality problems are process oriented. In his viewpoint quality of service delivery is affected by all aspects of an organization and therefore clearly defined effective process definition by management is essential to superior service … Read More >>
  3. Quality – Quality defines customer service and all aspects of the business affect service delivery to the customer. All employees of a company whether they’re front line employees who deal directly with the customer, operational employees who produce and deliver services or support personnel who perform internal processes – directly affect the level of quality provided to the customer … Read More >>
  4. Customer Service – Dr. Deming teaches that quality starts with management and leadership. Although it sounds as if it should be self-evident not all employees automatically understand that customer service is the ultimate reason for their job … Read More >>

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