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4 Keys to Market Segmentation in Automotive Repair

Market segmentation involves dividing a target market into smaller subsets of people with common attributes and interests. There are different segmentation methods that can be employed with the ultimate goal being the development of one or more customer profiles that will be the most advantageous for the business to pursue. Once the desired profile(s) have been identified the most effective marketing messages and programs can be formulated into a comprehensive marketing plan. Marketing plans based on target profiles can be more focused and effective. Following are keys to marketing segmentation in automotive repair:

  1. Segmentation Methods – Different methods can be employed when dividing a broad market into smaller segments. Each method utilized will yield different information concerning the target market … Read More >>
  2. Market Segmentation Analysis – Gathering information for segmentation purposes will most likely be done by survey. The most important thing is to gather an effective amount of the most valuable information … Read More >>
  3. Target Market Profiles – The purpose of market segmentation is the maximization of marketing program effectiveness and thus profitability. Gathering the information for segmentation purposes supports the ability to define the most desirable customer profile … Read More >>
  4. Marketing to Selected Profiles – The purpose of market segmentation is to improve customer acquisition and retention rates thus increasing business growth and profitability. The development of target profiles allows the creation of more effective marketing messages and programs supported by a clearer picture of what constitutes value to the target market … Read More >>

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