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Utilizing the Laissez-faire Management Style in Auto Repair

When the laissez-faire management style is employed goals and objectives are communicated but the means of achieving them is left up to the employees. This is a very “hands off” approach to management. It can lead to an easier situation for management as they are involved to a minimal degree.

The laissez-faire style is very similar to the [chaotic style] in that employees are given a high degree of independence. The most significant characteristic of this management style is that the manager assumes the role of a mentor rather than leader. Advice is offered on decisions but ultimately the choices are made by the employees.

The laissez-faire management style allows for greater freedom and creativity among workers as there is less interference from management. When this methodology is employed it’s important to utilize it with the right people and the right incentives. With the wrong people it will result in reduced productivity and declining business growth.

As with any other management style – the laissez-faire approach should be used when the situation warrants it. When utilized in conjunction with other styles it can be effective and result in optimum productivity.

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