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Using the Democratic Management Style in Auto Repair

When a democratic management style is utilized – employees are included in the decision making process. This management methodology is well suited to situations in which there are more than one possible alternative to addressing a situation and both management and employees will be impacted. With the democratic style information flows in both directions and the objective of the interaction between management and employees is to arrive at the best alternative for all concerned.

When employees are involved in the decision making process they assume ownership of the initiative and take responsibility for the outcome. The decision can be relatively simple such as a master technician discussing with the shop owner different options for resolving a recommended repair. Or they can be complex decisions such as purchasing new diagnostic equipment or shop management software. Although the democratic style may take more time upfront – the direction chosen will be better thought out and execution will be much quicker.

The democratic management style is best utilized in the right situations. In big decisions that impact the whole team it’s the best philosophy to employ. Front line employees and independent thinkers such as master mechanics will contribute positively to a major initiative thus the outcome will be improved.

A democratic style will support business growth while a more autocratic style will limit it. The more people are allowed to contribute to the direction of a business the opportunity for expansion will grow. A more autocratic style may be application in certain circumstances or with certain employees but overall the democratic style will create more long term benefits.

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