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6 Factors Considered in Evaluation of Auto Repair Alternatives

When a consumer decides to search for possible alternatives for auto repair service there are specific factors that will affect their choice. Different factors carry more weight than others depending on the individual. Convenience and amenities can be important to some consumers while others may be more concerned with safety or price. But regardless of the relative importance of these issues in the consumers mind the shop must make them known if they’re part of the service offering. Following are six factors consumers consider when choosing an auto repair service provider:

  1. Convenience – Ease of transacting business when vehicle maintenance is required can be the most important factor to the vehicle owner. People are so pressed for time these days that the effort involved in vehicle drop off and delivery can be the determining factor and ultimately result in which repair shop earns a customer’s business. Offering shuttle service, loaner cars, rental cars and valet service are opportunities for shops to set themselves apart from the competition.
  2. Amenities – A clean comfortable customer waiting area along with additional incentives such as coffee and free Wifi will influence customers to utilize the services of an auto repair shop.
  3. Customer Loyalty Rewards – Offering loyalty rewards can be an extremely effective method of encouraging repeat business. People will view loyalty rewards as if they’re ‘money in the bank’. The customer will be less likely to change providers as they view it as leaving their money behind.
  4. ValuePerception of value provided is a function of the relationship between the provider and the consumer and the messages communicated in the course of service delivery. The consumer is actually not seeking vehicle maintenance and repair. They’re actually seeking something that they value that results from vehicle maintenance and repair. Understanding the customer’s perception of value contributes to earning and retaining business.
  5. Safety – Vehicle safety and reliability are likely at or near the top of the list when a consumer considers an auto repair service provider. They want their vehicle returned to them is safe operating condition and if there is doubt in their mind on this issue they’ll likely look elsewhere. The image and reputation of the shop are key components on this issue.
  6. Price – The cost of service is always a consideration. All other factors being equal this can be the determining factor in whether business is won or lost. If the consumer feels that there is little or no risk involved in doing business with a shop price will often not be a factor. But pricing should always be fair and competitive as the seeds of doubt may creep into a customer’s mind as they evaluate their relationship with a service provider.

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