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5 Keys to Positively Influencing Post Purchase Behavior in Auto Repair Customers

After a buying experience customers tend to go through an evaluation of the decision they made to make a purchase. This is called cognitive dissonance – often referred to as ‘Buyer’s Remorse’. People tend to lean more toward the negative side of this evaluation as self-doubt tends to creep in. Relationship building and communicating appreciation for the customer’s business can go a long way toward building a positive perception in the mind of the customer. Following are keys to positively influencing customer post purchase experiences:

  1. Cognitive Dissonance – This feeling – more commonly known as ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ is the experience a customer has after making a purchase. They question whether they made the correct decision and have a tendency to view the experience negatively. The auto repair shop should always take actions to lessen the impact of this natural inclination.
  2. Acknowledgement – Thanking the customer for their business is always a good practice. A simple thank you note or email will go a long way toward securing a positive impression of the relationship.
  3. Follow up – Contacting the customer after service has been performed is a powerful way to let them know that the level of service provided for them is a matter of importance. A personal phone call from the shop lets them know they’re important.
  4. Service Reminders – Notifying customers that services should be performed on their vehicle is an important factor in influencing their perception of the relationship. They often view the reminder as a type of service in itself.
  5. Relationship Maintenance – Focusing on relationship building and providing value between vehicle maintenance interactions can be a significant factor in influencing the customer’s perception of the service provider.

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