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4 Points That Impact the Consumer Auto Repair Purchase Experience

When a consumer purchases auto repair services there are different points in the process that will formulate the quality of the experience in their mind. Every interaction meets, exceeds or fails the customer’s expectations. From vehicle drop off through the repair process to upselling and finally vehicle delivery all elements combine to become the service provided in the customer’s mind. Following are four key components that influence customer perception of quality in auto repair service:

  1. Vehicle Drop Off – The ease and comfort the vehicle owner experiences in turning the car over to the shop for service is a major factor in their overall impression of the shop. If they can do this with very little effort or time spent they’ll have a positive feeling on this crucial first step in their service experience.
  2. Communication – Keeping the customer informed as work progresses on their vehicle can be an important factor in providing a positive experience for them. Some people want to be left alone but some people want to know what’s going on. For those that do – it’s imperative that status is communicated as they want.
  3. Upselling – There’s nothing wrong with offering additional services or higher priced options to the customer. But care must be taken not to overdo it. Offering too many items that the customer doesn’t need can result in mistrust and ultimately lost business. Along the same lines offering a customer the same item multiple times when they’ve turned it down previously gives the impression that you don’t remember them and therefore the relationship is superficial.
  4. Vehicle Delivery – When the vehicle is delivered to the customer after services have been performed – the final and often most lasting impression of the shop is formed. A one size fits all approach may not be the best practice here. People have different ideas on what constitutes a positive experience. Some people may be rushed and want to get on their way as quickly as possible. Others may want an explanation of what was done as well as future recommendations. It’s up to the shop to make the determination as to what fits best.

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