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Total Quality Management in Auto Repair

TQMTotal Quality Management (TQM) is a management methodology that is based on applying quality assurance and quality control concepts to organization wide business processes. The concept of continuous improvement is embodied in TQM as the results of quality measurements are applied to business processes in an effort to ensure that premium quality products and services are delivered to customers.

In auto repair a good deal of focus is directed to providing quality in repair services provided. The same methods of quality assurance/control can be applied to any area of the business operation. Repairs are tested, inspected and measured to ensure that expected quality standards are met. Testing, inspection and measurement can be applied to any process. For example the vehicle check in process can be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s important to remember that quality is defined by the customer. Total Quality Management refers to a unified effort to achieve long term success through customer satisfaction. TQM is customer focused, involves all aspects and members of the organization and is process centered.

The method by which a repair is tested and returned to the technician to be corrected if it doesn’t pass can be applied to any area of business activity. This is the premise of TQM. All areas of the business are continuously improved in an effort to provide exceptional customer service.

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