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Quality Management in Auto Repair

Quality Management is an integral component of any successful business operation. In the auto repair business quality management is employed in the utilization of inspection checklists, test drives and other various functions. Quality standards are determined by the customer and the repair shop is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s expectations are met. Although we generally think of quality in terms of the repair process the same concepts can be applied to any other aspect of the business. Overall quality management is focused on the goal of providing excellent customer service throughout the business. Following are components of quality management programs:

  1. Quality Assurance and Quality Control – Quality Assurance refers to any process by which quality requirements are ensured either prior to or during the production process. In auto repair this would equate to definition of quality standards and communication of those requirements to technicians (pre-production) … Read More >>
  2. Utilizing Quality Test Plans – Inspections are an integral part of most auto repair operations. The inspection process usually involves a checklist of items to be evaluated as to their need for repair immediately or in the future … Read More >>
  3. Testing Methodologies – In performing quality control and quality assurance testing there are different objectives that drive the methods employed. To ensure that quality objectives are met it’s necessary to verify that work was performed as required and the possibility of malfunction is mitigated or non-existent … Read More >>
  4. Process Control – Process control is a very powerful component of quality management. This quality control technique involves applying measurements to business processes, evaluating them against expected standards and enacting corrective action as deemed necessary … Read More >>
  5. Total Quality Management – Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management methodology that is based on applying quality assurance and quality control concepts to organization wide business processes … Read More >>

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