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Using the AIDA Marketing Model to Increase Auto Repair Sales

The AIDA marketing model is based on the events that occur when a customer is exposed to an advertisement. The acronym stands for attention, interest, desire and action. Elias St. Elmo Lewis is credited with formulating this methodology and the overall philosophy is summed up as “The mission of advertising is to attract the reader so that he will look at the advertisement and begin to read it; then to interest him so he will continue to read it; then to convince him so that when he has read it he will believe it. If an advertisement contains these three qualities of success it is a successful advertisement”. The AIDA model has proven to be effective for decades and is the foundation of some of the most successful ad campaigns in history. Building marketing messages using the AIDA model will result in successful advertising campaigns.


  1. Attention – An attention grabbing marketing message will give a prospective buyer reason to take notice. It will compel them to learn more … Read More >>
  2. Interest – Gaining a readers interest is much more difficult than getting their attention. Using an attention grabbing intro will draw a person to a marketing message but the challenge is to keep them interested once their attention has been gained … Read More >>
  3. Desire – Marketing messages must get a person’s attention, keep their interest and stimulate desire for a product or service offering. The marketing message should lead the person to want the service offering … Read More >>
  4. Action – The final ingredient in any marketing message is the Call to Action. Getting the reader’s attention, keeping their interest and simulating desire are building blocks that are intended to persuade the person to make a purchase … Read More >>

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