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7 Keys to Creating Attention Grabbing Marketing Messages

An attention grabbing marketing message will give a prospective buyer reason to take notice. It will compel them to learn more. Without a strong attention grabber the remaining advertising copy will be marginally effective at best. Considering the objective and potential means of winning attention it becomes apparent that there are many possible ingredients that can be combined to achieve a winning formula. And when blended harmoniously the message can be quite powerful. Following are keys to creating attention grabbing marketing messages:


  1. Present a Problem That Your Service will Solve – This may seem rather simple but it can be extremely effective. People are often faced with the same challenges day in and day out and recognizing these issues will resonate with them. Phrases such as ‘Auto Service you can Count on’ express reliability and confidence.
  2. Ask a Thought Provoking Question – Using a question that will raise thoughts in a person’s mind that are not in the mainstream can be a powerful attention grabber. Asking a question to get a person’s attention can be an easy lead in to generating interest. Questions like ‘Have you ever been sold a service you didn’t need?’ is something that practically any vehicle owner can relate to.
  3. Use the Element of Surprise – We’ve all been exposed to marketing messages that grab our attention because of timing or location. Presenting an ad in a place or time that it’s not expected can be a great attention grabber.
  4. Capitalize, Italicize and/or Bold First Words – In a printed message making the first few words larger and more prominent will grab people’s attention due to being out of proportion with surrounding print. Drawing attention to the beginning words will often result in the person reading on.
  5. Use Powerful Words or Pictures – Words such as amazing, victory, success and wonderful are examples of power words that elicit positive responses. Images that convey these feelings can be powerful attention grabbers.
  6. Be Quick and Direct – In today’s world people are bombarded with a tremendous amount of information day in and day out. So any attention grabbing marketing message must be short and to the point. A drawn out message will lose a person’s attention as soon as it’s gained.
  7. Stand Out – Be Different – Don’t use the same messages as the competition. If a person is exposed to the same message in more than one place it won’t get their attention at all.

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