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6 Tips on Marketing Messages that Build People’s Interest

Gaining a readers interest is much more difficult than getting their attention. Using an attention grabbing intro will draw a person to a marketing message but the challenge is to keep them interested once their attention has been gained. A well-defined target market is necessary for any marketing effort to be successful. And the interests of the target audience will define the person’s needs and desires. Delivering a message that acknowledges the needs and aspirations of the reader then communicating benefits that will address them in an entertaining way will win peoples interest. Following are tips on building marketing messages that build interest:

  1. Personalize the Issue – Explain or depict how the person is being adversely affected by the circumstances. Stimulate their interest in seeking positive outcomes.
  2. Focus on Benefits – Highlight the positive effects of your service offering not the features. When people relate to positive benefits in a personal way their interest is stimulated.
  3. Focus on the Reader’s Needs – Maintaining consistency in marketing messages ensures effectiveness. Straying from the primary message or allowing the communication to become too complex will lose the reader. Keep the focus on the original message.
  4. Stress Advantages – Drawing attention to the areas in which your service excels over competitors without mentioning the competition will resonate with the target audience. This will highlight differences in a positive way without casting dispersions.
  5. Make the Uninteresting Entertaining – Auto repair is a necessity in people’s lives and it can be viewed as a mundane topic. Focusing on benefits and depicting positive feelings and experiences can stimulate interest on the part of the reader.
  6. Communicate Understanding – Delivering a message that lets the reader know that you understand their situation will keep their interest. Realizing that you can relate to their situation establishes common ground.

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