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5 Keys to Continuous Improvement in Automotive Repair

The philosophy of continuous improvement espouses implementation of small incremental changes over time. Quality is the focus of continuous improvement and in any business – quality is defined by customer perspective. Dr. William Edwards Deming developed this management methodology and the companies that have adopted it have achieved recognition for their success in delivering quality products and services.

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory … Dr. William Edwards Deming

If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing … Dr. William Edwards Deming

The profound impact of Dr. Deming’s teachings began with the Japanese automobile industry and led to their recognition as world leaders in delivering quality products. The market share these companies acquired during this period was huge. Although Dr. Deming’s methodologies were developed in manufacturing they can apply to any business as they are process oriented. And the quality delivered in any product or service is attributable to the business processes through which they are produced. Following are basic guidelines to applying Dr. Deming’s principles in an auto repair environment:

  1. Identify the Core Processes of the Auto Repair Operation – The philosophy of continuous improvement espouses implementation of small incremental changes over time. The premise is that if a process is working well that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work better … Read More >>
  2. Analyze and Define the Core Processes – The business processes within an auto repair operation can prove to be quite involved when analyzed closely. Defining and documenting process steps may seem like a huge challenge at first but the end will justify the means in that significant improvements in quality and customer service can be realized … Read More >>
  3. Select the Points of Improvement – When adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement the methods by which changes are identified and implemented are paramount to success. The basic premise of continuous improvement is the implementation of small incremental changes over time  … Read More >>
  4. Evaluate the Results of Incremental Changes – When making changes to business processes the expected result should always be stated prior to implementation. The objective of continuous improvement is to make small incremental changes to business processes so that the business operation improves over time  … Read More >>
  5. Follow Dr. Deming’s Key Points on Business Transformation – Dr. William Edwards Deming developed the philosophy of business transformation which focuses on the concept that quality problems are inherent in business processes – not in employee discipline. He taught that if processes are sound then high quality competitive products and services would be delivered  … Read More >>

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