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Building Success through Sound Management Principles

Tried and proven through time certain business practices have proven to result in sound successful organizations. In the course of handling the challenges we’re confronted with we sometimes lose sight of the basic principles that are the foundation of success. It is advantageous to review them periodically so they’re brought to the forefront and given primary focus. Managing in accordance with these principles can have a significant impact on organizational success.

  1. Establishing Organizational Structure – An organization consists of structure, responsibilities and coordination. The structure of a company can take many different forms but the most common is hierarchical…Read More >>
  2. Balancing Authority and Responsibility – The balance between authority and responsibility can have a profound influence on the success of any organization…Read More >>
  3. Achieving Success Through Discipline – In a management context discipline is enacted for the purpose of achieving objectives. Excellence in customer service is fostered through consistent practices in customer engagement processes…Read More >>
  4. Adherence to the Chain of Command – The management principle of adhering to the chain of command states that an employee should have only one superior. If an employee answers to more than one superior the result is disorder and ineffectiveness…Read More >>
  5. Ensuring Unity of Purpose – All members of an organization focused on a common goal can be referred to as unity of purpose. The importance of leadership cannot be overstated in this regard…Read More >>
  6. Subordinating Individual Interests – Organizational objectives may not always coincide with the aspirations of team members. It’s management’s charge to recognize the conflict and find a way to reconcile it…Read More >>
  7. Practicing Fair Remuneration – One of the most significant issues dealt with by business managers is fairness in remuneration or ensuring that compensation for services rendered is just…Read More >>
  8. Ensuring Fair and Equitable Treatment – Managers must strive to treat all people fairly and equally. Most managers see themselves as being fair and equitable however that may not be the perception of their subordinates…Read More >>
  9. Encouraging Initiative – Initiative exhibited by employees can be the difference between a good company and a great company…Read More >>

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