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Achieving Success through Unity of Purpose

All members of an organization focused on a common goal can be referred to as unity of purpose. The importance of leadership cannot be overstated in this regard. Unity of purpose is instilled through positive leadership supported by effective communication and it manifests in positive accomplishments through coordinated efforts. Team goals are reached through team efforts. Through unity of purpose dedication and loyalty are fostered and success through purposeful action is realized.

Leadership and shared vision are the seed from which coordinated efforts materialize. Sense of direction is always most powerful when objectives are formulated with affected participants included in their development. When people share in the establishment of objectives a shared vision is created and unity of purpose is borne.

When organizational objectives are reached for through coordinated efforts they become much more achievable. Unity of purpose increases the power of contribution exponentially. Each individual that recognizes the shared vision of the organization and strives toward it renders the goal that much more attainable.

Leadership, coordination, cooperation, and contribution are the keys to success through unity of purpose. Leadership establishes direction and coordinates group efforts. All team members contribute in a coordinated effort to achieve organizational objectives. Through accomplishing group goals individuals succeed.

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