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Success is Built on Discipline

In a management context discipline is enacted for the purpose of achieving objectives. Excellence in customer service is fostered through consistent practices in customer engagement processes. Consistency builds trust and supports long term relationships. Product quality is ensured through effective testing and assurance processes. Consistent quality guarantees that customer expectations are met. In all aspects of producing and delivering service – discipline is the key to success.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment … Jim Rohn

Motivation Defines Effective Discipline – When rules and procedures are enacted and enforced with the objectives of the organization in mind they will be effective. Good personnel willingly accept discipline as they realize it as the path to organizational as well as personal success. When discipline is developed and enforced for people – rather than to people – the impact is positive.

Organizational Discipline – Policies must often be enacted in order to ensure a positive impact of people’s actions on others in the organization. So people must perform actions that have no direct perceived value to themselves so that others can perform their duties. Like an orchestra in which the conductor strives to have each section enter the musical work at the correct time and the correct volume all activities within the organization must function as a coordinated process.

Cost and Benefit – Discipline involves adhering to defined procedures for accomplishing work within an organization. It’s important to ensure that costs incurred through procedural controls are justifiable. The end must justify the means. When steps are taken to abide by process definitions costs are increased. They should be offset by equal or greater cost decreases in other areas or sales increases. If they are then disciplines will be effective.

Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline carrying it out … Stephen Covey

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