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Solution Based Customer Engagement Strategies for the Auto Repair Industry

Solution selling is a methodology that was developed in the business to business environment primarily focused on technology sales. The sales process involves engaging the customer, identifying one or more problems (often referred as points of pain), then designing and presenting a solution. The solution methodology is a natural fit for auto repair as the essence of vehicle maintenance is solution oriented. The widely used concept of ‘Concern, Cause and Corrective Action’ is very similar to the solution selling methodology. There are some differences in the selling process. Also solution selling focuses on supporting the customer’s effort to achieve a perceived level of comfort and applies it to the entire organization. The following are keys to implementing solution based strategies.

  1. Employ Solution Based Marketing – Solution based strategies involve understanding the customer perspective and developing service offerings that satisfy the customer’s vision of an optimal experience in auto repair. Solution based marketing involves promoting the relationship that provides that experience. Read More >>
  2. Use A Solution Based Sales Methodology – The solution sales methodology not only outlines the way that services are presented but also applies to the overall customer relationship. Solution selling involves mapping service offerings to the customer vision. Read More >>
  3. Avoid Common Mistakes in Implementation of Solution Based Strategies – Solution based sales and marketing strategies can be very effective. However there are pitfalls that many fall into when putting strategy into practice. Read More >>
  4. Understand the Standard Solution Sales Process – The standard solution selling process was developed based on technology sales but closely resembles the sales process often used in auto repair. Read More >>
  5. Determine How to Manage Your Solution Based Strategy – By its very nature the auto repair business is solution oriented. Applying solution based strategies to the auto repair business can result in excellent service delivery and high levels of customer satisfaction. Read More >>
  6. Continuous Improvement – Due to the fact that all aspects of the organization are impacted – solution based strategies are a continual work in progress. The most effective way to work toward maximum effectiveness is to make incremental improvements to processes, customer interaction points, and marketing messages. Read More >>

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