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6 Continuous Improvement Steps for Solution Based Strategies

Due to the fact that all aspects of the organization are impacted – solution based strategies are a continual work in progress. The most effective way to work toward maximum effectiveness is to make incremental improvements to processes, customer interaction points, and marketing messages. Then measure the results and repeat the process. Following are continuous improvement steps for solution based strategies:

  1. Review Processes – All internal procedures should support the solution based methodology being employed. Periodic reviews will discover weaknesses or opportunities for improvement.
  2. Check Customer Points of Contact – Each customer point of contact should communicate a solution oriented image to the customer. Focusing on the points in the service delivery process at which customer perspective is influenced will ensure that maximum benefit is recognized.
  3. Evaluate Marketing Programs – Marketing messages should be solution oriented and should convey a solution based relationship. The message should elicit a vision of comfort in the customer’s mind.
  4. Make Incremental Improvements – Continuous improvement is about making small adjustments on a continual basis. Once a solution based strategy has been implemented it should be continuously evaluated and improved.
  5. Measure Results – The impact of changes should be assessed for effectiveness. It’s important to determine whether modifications have had the desired effect.
  6. Repeat the Cycle – Continuous improvement is not a onetime event. It’s an ongoing effort and if practiced will become ingrained in the culture of the organization.

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