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6 Points on Solution Based Strategies in Auto Repair

Solution based selling is a methodology developed primarily in the technology industry. It’s predicated on identifying the customer’s problem(s) and developing a solution that brings the customer to the desired level of comfort. By its very nature the auto repair business is solution oriented. Applying solution based strategies to the auto repair business can result in excellent service delivery and high levels of customer satisfaction. Following are points to consider when implementing solution based strategies in auto repair:

  1. Vehicle Service is Inherently Solution Oriented – Maintaining and servicing vehicles is naturally solution based. Preventive maintenance keeps vehicles in safe running condition and reduces repair requirements. Vehicle repair addresses malfunctions or failures. In either case it’s easy to equate the process to a solution.
  2. Solution Based Marketing Can Shape Customer Vision – Solution selling is based on a customer vision of comfort. However is shouldn’t be assumed that the customer is aware of every opportunity available to achieve satisfaction. Solution base marketing can have the effect of stimulating ideas in the customer’s mind.
  3. Not Every Answer Applies to a Question – Traditional solution based selling assumes that the customer has a problem that needs to be solved. This is not always the case. The term ‘problem’ has a negative connotation and some people don’t think that way. These people are more apt to view solutions as opportunities and success in relationship building is predicated on presenting them as such.
  4. The ‘Solution Provider’ Mantra is Very Powerful – When team members see that they’re providing solutions the focus is drawn to the customer perspective. When the entire organization becomes solution focused customers will recognize it as such.
  5. When Service Becomes Solution Excellence Is Achieved – There is no doubt that successful front line personnel in the auto repair industry are extremely service oriented. So thinking in terms of solution is not a huge leap. But it can be a huge leap in the customer’s mind.
  6. Solution Delivery Builds Differentiation – One of the keys to solution selling is demonstrating to the customer the benefits of selecting your proposed solution over others. In many cases this is more about how the solution is delivered than the solution itself.

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