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7 Traits of Successful Leaders

Leadership is a necessary ingredient to success in business management. It seems to come naturally to some – others need to work at it. There are common traits exhibited in leaders and they can all be learned. People will choose to respect another based on their own values. They will follow if they agree with the goal being pursued and trust in the leader to make the right decisions and take the correct actions on behalf of all affected. In a free society leadership is earned not demanded. Following are traits exhibited by successful leaders:

  1. Character – They say character is defined by a person’s actions when they know no one is watching. A person of high character does what’s right simply because it’s the right thing to do. Strong character is evident to others as decisions and choices show the right motivation.
  2. Honesty – People will follow others that they trust. When people feel that they can believe what another says they will accept their leadership. If not they will question it.
  3. Confidence – A person that is not afraid to deal with the circumstances they’re confronted with while working toward their goals will earn the support of others. One who is assured that any obstacles can be overcome will instill the same feeling in others.
  4. Cooperation – A dictator is successful at leading those who are bound to obedience. People who are free to choose will only follow others who recognize their position and are willing to compromise for the greater good.
  5. Communication Skills – A good leader listens when it’s time to listen and talks when it’s time to talk. Information must be able to be exchanged in order for people to feel a sense of conviction.
  6. Commitment – A leader must be focused on the goal to be accomplished. The level of commitment exhibited by others is instilled by their leader.
  7. A Positive Attitude – People can be motivated by negativity – they’re desire is to avoid it. A positive attitude conveyed through leadership will foster a positive outlook in others which in turn will yield positive results.

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